WTF is Wiimbledon?

Wiimbledon is a Wii Tennis tournament run by Brooklynites Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel.

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Also rad: the improv Wiimbledon tourney in SF:


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Dylan Romero wins Wiimbledon 2008

Oregonian Dylan Romero whupped a field of 127 other competitors to take home the Wiimbledon 2008 top prize. Congrats, you be geek famous. Which is like regular famous, but without egregious amounts of undeserved poon.

Many thanks to this year's sponsors: Prince Tennis, 2K Games, Brunswick and Company X, the Brooklyn Cyclones, Barcade, and all the generous yokels who provided their busted TVs for our mad swinging pleasure. Also much obliged to Julie and Esther for their inimitable poise, Jason and Apurva for good lookin out, Jesse for taking advantage of the open bar, and Jackie for enviable radness.

For photos of the tournament, check Solomania and Kain's photoset on Flickr. Plus check the coverage on MSNBC, Flavorpill,, and CNET.

Photo credit for above: Mike Solomon

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