Press peeps who be lovin us

Gadzooks. All we wanted to do was throw a party and look what happened.

ABC News

"It's such a funny mix of people. The Wii brings out the jock in the geek and the geek in the jock."



Better luck next time, Conor.



"So, uh, who has the bigger racket?"



Doooood. Rad with more rad on top.




"That ABC guy, Charles whatever? Such a dick."




"So. We're here with a bear."



Wired's Underwire blog

"There are times when I wish I lived in New York. This is one of them."

Jason Kottke
One of our daily reads. Thanks for gettin the ball rollin, Jason.

a kick ass gaming site

Time Out New York
"Maybe the prize will be hookers and some blow."


"Doesn't "fun want to be free" too? I think so, and so we're trying this out. If it works, expect more events from us." Also: This post full of awesome photos of the event itself, including the bear suit dude humping a pole.


New York Magazine
"Brilliant and Lowbrow." The Summer Issue, July 2-9, page 118, the Approval Matrix.


much love from the wrinkled ass geek scene

Yahoo Tech blog
Gina Hughes is down with social gaming


Associated Press
"One event that's been gathering plenty of Internet buzz is Wiimbledon (that's a double-i there, copy editors)."



We're on TV

And by "we" I mean you. And dude, did you see how you were dressed? Tell your moms to tune into ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson at 6:30pm ET on Monday, June 25th to see the segment they filmed on Wiimbledon.


Press lovin'

Check the coverage from the ABC, Time Out New York, and more.

ABC News


Time Out New York


Associated Press










Jason Kottke





Wiimbledon is a Wii Tennis tournament run by Brooklyn residents Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel. Questions? Hit us up at brooklyn [dot] wiimbledon [at] gmail [dot] com.


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