WTF is Wiimbledon?

Wiimbledon is a Wii Tennis tournament run by Brooklynites Steve Bryant and Lane Buschel.

Interested in sponsoring? Email lane [at] wiimbledon [dot] net and steve [at] wiimbledon [dot] net. And keep checking back here for updates, yo.



Please read these rules before competing in Wiimbledon. The images below, from Wiimbledon 2007, are for publication. Photo credit: Tien Mao.

wiimbledon wiimbledon wiimbledon

## Behavior ##
You're kindly asked not to destroy our equipment. The TVs and Wiis have been loaned by our sponsors. PLEASE respect the gear. You MUST wear your wrist straps. Don't hit your brother or we'll turn this car around and take you home.

## Players and Brackets ##
There are 128 people competing in Wiimbledon. It's like the NCAA tournament bracket, but double the size. Due to time constraints, the tournament is single elimination.

There is no seeding of the brackets. However, players self-assigned a skill level (noob, pro, or ninja) at sign-up, and we made efforts to ensure that each bracket has the same approximate number of players of each skill. We also tried, where possible, to pit players of the same skill level against each other in the opening rounds. In other words, noobs won't be playing ninjas until the 2nd round. Players are otherwise assigned randomly to brackets.

## On-Site Registration ##
When you arrive on-site you must stop at the registration table outside and let the pretty girl with the clipboard know you're there. She'll confirm your starting time. The time will be approximate, especially as we start getting into later rounds. Inside Barcade an announcer with a bullhorn (we're classy) will call your name and tell you what court you're playing on. It's extremely important that you're prepared to play. If you don't show up on time, we may have to disqualify you.

## Courts ##
There will be six (6) Wii courts at Barcade. Each court will be numbered and have a court name. The final four matches will be played on a center court. Each court will have a volunteer judge.

## Matches and Games ##
Matches consist of 3 games. Matches are also limited to 10 minutes. In the event that you're not finished your 3 game match in ten minutes, whoever is winning when ten minutes rolls around will be declared the winner. As the rounds progress and skilled players play each other, we will try to lengthen the match time limits.

## Miis ##
Each Wii will have four generic avatars, all at level 0. Two right handed, two left handed. You are not allowed to use your own Mii. Sorry. The judges will reset the Miis after a few games so that skill levels don't affect play (Miis get faster, albeit slowly, as they progress in skill).

## Walk-ins ##
There may be walk-in slots if peeps don't show.

## Stuff to bring ##
Dress with moxy. Dressing like Richie Tenenbaum is good, dressing like a slutty robot is better. If you have your own Wiimote, bring it. We'll probably need extras. Dipping your hairy thatchers in paraffin oil might help too.

## Prizes and Prize Categories ##
We'll be handing out Like last year, there are a variety of prize categories. Prizes range from two free tickets to the Brooklyn Cyclones on opening day, to Brunswick Wii Bowling Bags, to tennis rackets from Prince. May be some other cool swag too. Anyway:

  • The Monica Seles Award for Best Verbal Athleticism
  • The Sampras Has Back Hair Award for Best Costume
  • The McEnroe Was a Dick Award for Most Dangerous Player
  • The Andre Agassi Memorial Mullet Award for Most Stylish Player
  • The Andy Roddick's Pretty Grand Prize
  • The Sadly Mistaken Award for Runner Upprizes in four categories: Best costume, most athletic, most dangerous, and shortest shorts.
## Press ##
There may be several camera crews on game day. By entering Barcade you are consenting to be filmed. Don't be shy.

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